Dey by Dey Studio

Wildlife art and pet portraits by one of the leading animal artists in North Carolina

Peggy Dey, one of the leading animal artists in North Carolina, presents stunning animal art and commissioned pet portraits in pastel, watercolor and print for individuals, families and organizations.

Peggy has been producing animal art for more than 30 years. Her work has been showcased by such animal rescue organizations as Chatham Animal Rescue and Education (C.A.R.E.), Apex Veterinary Clinic (Ms. Dey designed the clinic's logo), Carnivore Preservation Trust and Wildlife Welfare of Raleigh.

Pets are a deeply important part of our families and our lives. They bring us joy, comfort and love, and a healthy dose of laughter everyday. Portraits of our animal friends make wonderful gifts on birthdays, holidays or any occasion. Peggy brings a lifetime of love for animals and a passion for capturing their lives and their loves into every image she creates.

"I try to see the animal's spirit and bring that out in the finished work," she says. "My hope is that my customers will look at the final piece and feel that I have given them a permanent part of their special companion to hold forever. If someone has to wipe a tear or two away after looking at their pet's portrait, I have succeeded in my goal. Each piece is as individual as the animal spirit that is its inspiration. My hope is to capture that spirit in a highly focused and dedicated work."

Dey by Dey Studio also offers commissioned children's murals, slate etchings, wildlife portraits, personalized specialty or holiday cards and specialized animal prints. The artist can work remotely from photographs of the animals.

For information contact:

Peggy Dey

195 Woodhaven Drive
New Hill, NC


NEW HILL, NC (November 12, 2006) – Dey by Dey Studio, a New Hill animal portrait business that opened in September, has announced a new “Giving Back by Giving Forward” policy. Effective immediately, the studio will donate 10% of the retail price of any commissioned portrait to the animal shelter, advocacy organization or rescue of the customer's choice.

“Many of the animals I draw or paint are family 'members' who were adopted from local shelters or rescues,” said Peggy Dey, owner and operator of Dey by Dey Studio. “Others are wild species that are threatened or endangered. Animals are a significant part of many peoples lives, offering companionship, comfort and unconditional love and acceptance. Dey by Dey Studio is offering these people the chance to 'give back by giving forward' to the future of all animals,” Dey said.

Dey, who has created animal art for more than 30 years, already has ties with numerous North Carolina animal advocacy organizations. Her donated work has been showcased by local animal rescue and non-profit organizations. In addition, these non-profit organizations often use her donated artistic images on T-shirts, holiday cards and other organizational fund-raising materials.

According to the studio's new policy, 10% of the cost of each commissioned portrait (excluding framing) will go to one of the following:

· The animal shelter from which the pet was adopted
· The rescue from which the animal was adopted, or to which the customer belongs or donates
· The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) or American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
· For wildlife portraits: Wildlife Welfare of Raleigh, the Carnivore Preservation Trust (CPT) of N.C., the National Wildlife Federation or a qualifying wildlife benefit organization

Customers may suggest any other animal rescue or service organization for consideration. A card is sent to the non-profit by Dey by Dey Studio with acknowledgment of the customer for making the donation possible. In addition, a card is sent to the customer to let them know they have “given forward.” If the portrait is a memorial, the donation can be made in memory of the pet or animal friend.

If no rescue or non-profit organization is earmarked for the donation, Dey will send the donation to the HSUS or ASPCA in support of general animal welfare. Many organizations, Dey noted, especially seek donations during the holiday season. Although this program allows the customer to “recognize the importance of animals twice” during the holidays, the donation service by Dey by Dey Studio will be offered as a permanent and year-round opportunity for customers.

For information on commissioning an animal portrait, children's mural or other artwork, visit Dey by Dey Studio online at: or email Phone: 919-542-1099.


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